Speak with your dollars


A new mobile application that empowers consumers to make conscious shopping choices based on accurate and unbiased information about political contributions made by key decision makers of companies.

While politicians and activists battle over political campaign reform laws, DollarSpeak is taking an innovative path towards equal voter representation by revealing what political affiliation consumer dollars are being funneled towards.  By creating business donor transparency, an important tool is created that allows consumers to support businesses that support an individual’s political beliefs.  We hope that this transparency will influence how much businesses choose to donate in the future in order to reduce their company’s political exposure.

DollarSpeak is one of the first mobile applications that bring business donor transparency to its consumers.  The application is simple, intuitive and expansive in accurate, bi-partisan business donor data.  After logging into Dollarspeak, products can be searched by category or a search field.  Each product has information on who donated from what business, what business donated, the amount of the donation, and what political affiliation most of the donation went to.  Other tools include adding products into a shopping list, sharing features on Facebook and Twitter, and access to the DollarSpeak website blog.

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